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ELPIS GROUP INTERNATIONAL LTD is an educational foundation based in 7 countries in West Africa, particularly in Côte d'Ivoire, Mali, Guinea, Benin, Ghana, Nigeria and Burkina Faso. ELPIS GROUP INTERNATIONAL is the regional coordinator and official representative of many prestigious and accredited universities in USA, Canada, India, China and Europe that offer high quality teaching. Through our organization students from Africa get guaranteed admissions, reduced tuition fees and scholarships to study at our partner universities. Our company has a well-established foot-print and global network. Our endeavor is to maintain utmost professionalism, offer the best guidance oriented service to the students aspiring to study in our respective universities. The head office is located in Abidjan precisely at Marcory Avenue TSF near the 9th Arr.

To orient students towards academic excellence in all sectors of society, offering opportunities to students without any discrimination, to find a space for the exponential growth of his personality and his character, upbringing and its empowerment to face the challenges of tomorrow with success through quality education.

To provide higher education to the students in its vicinity through its affiliated institutions which gives equal opportunities to all, equip the student community with academic, social, scientific and spiritual values and to enable them to have an insight into the spirit of transparent governance and public.
Africa has a lot of students with much potentiality who can definitely do better if given opportunities. Keeping this in mind, ELPIS GROUP stepped in to provide opportunities to the African students without any discrimination, to find space for the exponential growth of personality, character, education and empowerment to face the challenges of tomorrow successfully through quality education.
Our sole aim at Elpis Group is to show the students the right ways of pursuing quality education abroad at a very competitive rate and conducive environment. Opportunities are open for first degree and post graduate studies. Seats are limited. For first degree students eligibility, WAEC,GCE,SSCE, NECO, WASSCE or equivalent are the only requirement. Post graduate students are also welcomed.

Through Elpis Group International some of the partner universities offer full or partial scholarships to African students to enable them obtain quality Education from the respective universities.
We also collaborate with Non Governmental Organizations (NGO’s), private organizations and the ministry of Education of various countries in Africa with respect to orienting the government sponsored students only to universities of high reputation in terms of quality education, accreditations, security and students follow-up.
Elpis group International has lead the delegations of different Governments like Cote d’Ivoire, Republic of Guinea and Republic of Burkina Faso to visit its partner universities in India for assessment and evaluation purposes in other to send Government sponsored students to the respective universities.
Below are few screen shots of some visits on evaluation and assessment to our partner universities by government of different countries for the purpose of collaboration in terms of sending students from their respective countries to our universities. All delegations were led by Engr. Kingsley Ezeasor, the director of Elpis Group International Ltd.

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