• With respect to quality training, most of our universities have great tie-ups with the industrial sectors, providing industrial training platforms for the students thereby preparing the students the necessary industry exposure
  • Several companies around the world rely on the outstanding quality of education in our partner universities by signing partnerships with them with respect to recruiting of the graduates of these universities as employees to their respective companies. These companies are mainly partners from USA, New Zealand, Australia, England, Canada etc.
  • Our Universities are fully committed to maintaining high academic standards in order to ensure that all students have the opportunity to achieve high quality total student experience.

The scope of quality assurance mechanisms encompasses all aspects of academic services including:

  • Comprehensive academic resources.
  • Teaching quality and delivery.
  • Assessment and grading.
  • Academic support and guidance to the students.
  • Engagement of external examiners.
  • Internal verification procedures and other related aspects.

For academic and social comfort of the students, some of our universities provides facilities as :

  • Book bank —Free of cost Reading books to all students for entire course duration (200$ deposit which is refundable)Books will be given every semester and student has to return them all before collecting new semester books.
  • Hostel with Ac accommodation with food.
    • Hostel with Twin sharing,-each room 2 student ,Common Hall, Common Kitchen.
    • Student can cook for themselves if he/she don’t like Indian food—Utensils will be provided to student in a set of group.
    • Washing Machine and Refrigerator common to all.
    • 24hr wifi campus.
    • Digital Library.
  • 24hr library facility for Hostel student.
  • Gym facility.
  • RO purified water 24hr in hostel and college campus.
  • Parents will be updated with monthly report of student by mail and semester result by postal.

Elpis group do not do students placement in which a student is give an admission, send to school then deal closed. We consider all students as treasures just like their parents consider them. We know what it means for a student of 17yrs of age who has never stayed away from his or parents to travel to a strange country where he or she has no relatives. Many parents are worried about the up keeping and security of their children during their studies abroad but partnering with Elpis group international guarantees proper check on students academic performance, security and welfare.
As a result Elpis Group takes the guarantee of ensuring the security and comfort of students on arrival and during their stay in school through our local offices until students get adapted to the system and monitoring continues until students graduates.
Parents have great advantage with elpis group, we do not only send your children to study in our respective universities , we do what we call follow-up or Monitoring. We acts as guardian of the student through our local office and our administrator. Elpis group is an intermediate between the parent, the school and the student. Elpis group provides information on the general behavior of students, students semester result etc. All students are free to contact our local office for any problem. We ensure that all students register with the Embassy of their respective country. We visit all our universities twice a year to check on students welfare and academic performance etc.

  • Facilities for Obtaining Visa.
  • Letter of admission.
  • Picking student from the Airport (India).
  • Assistance for accommodation.
  • Bonafide letter.
  • Residence Permit.
  • Hostel with Ac accommodation with food.
    • Participation
    • Results
    • Behavior

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