Intake Process

  • Students will visit one of the offices of the nearest Elpis Group for advice or will make its request for information by mail or telephone.
  • it will fill an application form on the premises of Elpis Group or one sent by email to the determination of eligibility and the host university regarding the training he would do.
  • The student will submit a copy of their diplomas and transcripts. It can also print the online form, fill, scan and submit it to the email address:
  • If the student is eligible, Elpis Group will provide information on eligibility and provide all the information on the host university, tuition and fees relating to the inn during selected. This information can be checked on the website of the university, which will be communicated.
    NB: With Elpis Group, Student has reduced tuition.
  • Due to limited space, the student will have to pre-register once eligible to reserve a place so pay the administrative costs of the office Elpis Group.
  • Within three to five days, the student will receive a provisional admission letter from the university concerned through the office of the Elpis Group.
  • Elpis Group will guide the students throughout the application process the visa.
  • Once the visa issued, we are preparing the start of the student. Our office in the host country will receive a student at the airport, accompany him to college and assured installation.
  • At the institution or university, the student present original / photocopy of the documents listed below for final integration.
    Documents required
    • * qualification of the qualification examination (LAC / Bachelors / Masters)
    • * newsletters or changing of notes
    • * the original study visa
    • * A photocopy of the passport
  • With BONAFIDE letter issued by the university to the student, he is required to register with local police within the first two weeks of arrival for a residence permit (RP), which is renewable annually.

For more information contact us at +225 21265255/40792811 or via mail:
Note: Before going to the visa student will make a partial payment of tuition fees directly to the account of the college to get a receipt for payment required by the Embassy

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