Administrative Services

  • Choosing the right institution based on global academic reputation, accreditations, cultural diversity, student’s welfare and security.
  • Facilitating admission, visa procurement, departure and arrival to institution
  • Student follow-up till graduation ( class attendance, semester result, welfare)

Elpis group does not do students placement in which a student is give an admission, send to school and forgotten. We consider all students as treasures just like their parents consider them. Most of our partner institutions are located outside Africa and we know what it means for a student of 17yrs of age who has never stayed away from his or parents to travel to a strange country where he or she has no relatives. Many parents are afraid of separating from their children but with our organization in the scene, the fear is conquered because through our local administrator in the concerned institutions student’s academic and welfare are under check.
Through our social media platforms we maintain constant communication with students. We provide to parents constant information on the general behavior of students, students semester result etc. We visit all our universities twice a year to check on students academic performance and welfare.

(Private Organization, NGO,s and Ministry of Education of different of different countries in Africa).
Many organizations both private and public sectors usually place students on scholarship to many universities abroad for the common purpose of obtaining quality education and training. Most of the time students selection are by academic merit and the concerned students are expected to return back to their respective countries to implement their experiences and thus contribute to the technological, economic and social development of their countries depending on the field of discipline.
Unfortunately there is no follow-up on the students academics and welfare during scholarship and after graduation. The sponsor continues to send money to students without knowing if students attends classes or not, if student is failing or not, if student graduates at the end of the scholarship or not.
Statistics have shown that only 60% of government sponsored students abroad, graduates exactly at the time of expiration of the scholarship. Out of the 60% of the graduated students only half returns back to their respective countries the rest stays back or move to other countries in search of greener pasture. Looking at it from the another angle, the sponsor or the government fails in its initial objective.
But partnering with Elpis Group International and its affiliate universities yields a great result for the scholarship investors. How?

  • Students are welcomed on arrival on campus , provide guidance counselling on how to achieve the basic objective of their goals.
  • Students weekly and monthly class attendance report must be submitted to Elpis Group. We make sure no student skips classes without no good reason.
  • Semester/Annual results and general attitude of students are periodically submitted to the scholarship sponsor, therefore providing the accurate record of students academic and welfare development.
  • Students are obliged to maintain good conduct and be serious with studies because they are afraid of their scholarships being withdrawn if their general performance is poor.
  • After graduation the students certificates are sent to directly to the sponsor or the ministry of education of the students country as the case may be. Therefore students must return to their various countries to receive their certificates from their sponsors thereby being also encouraged to stay back in his country to get a good job and make great impact to the general society.
  • We advice various governments to organise a certificate presentation ceremony for the students, inviting all sorts of private and public companies therefore creating a recruitment opportunities.

  • Australia Institute of Business and Technology, Australia
  • Royal University of Women, Bahrain
  • Cape Berton University, Canada
  • Pacific Link College, Canada
  • TAIE International Institute, Toronto, Canada
  • University of Regina, Canada
  • Hebei University of Science and Technology [HUST], China
  • Nanjing University of Post and Telecommunication, China
  • Qinzhou University, China
  • University of Fujian Province, China
  • University of Haikou Province, China
  • University of Henan Province, China
  • University of Sichuan Province, China
  • University of Zhengjand Province, China
  • Institute Superieur de Gestion, France
  • Toulouse Business School, France
  • David Tvildiani Medical University, Georgia
  • EU Business School, Germany
  • IUBH University of Applied Sciences, Germany
  • Budapest Metropolitan University, Hungary
  • University of Debreecen, Hungary
  • Aditya Engineering College, India
  • GIET, India
  • ITM University Gwalior, India
  • Lovely Professional University, India
  • MMU Mullana University, India
  • Rungta Group of Institutes, India
  • Sharda University, India
  • University College Dublin, Ireland
  • Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation [APUTI], Malasiya
  • Vistula University, Poland
  • Marbella International University, Spain
  • Business and Hotel Management School (B.H.M.S), Switzerland
  • Istanbul Gelisim University, Turkey
  • Uskudar University, Turkey
  • Yasar University, Turkey
  • Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management, Dubai [EAHMD], UAE
  • United Arab Emirates University ( UAEU), Dubai, UAE
  • Arts University, Bournemouth, UK
  • De Montfort University, Leicester UK
  • Dudley College of Technology, UK
  • Regent’s university London, UK
  • American University of Integrative Sciences (AUIS), USA
  • Concordia University Chicago (CUC), USA
  • ECPI University, USA
  • Florida Polytechnic University, USA
  • Loma Linda University, USA
  • University of Central Oklahoma, USA
  • Webster University, USA
  • Woodbury University, USA

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